Hands & Feet

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Price List

Hand Treatments


Hand ritual (soak, exfoliation & massage) 30 min

R 180,00

Casalea express manicure (buff & paint)

R 180,00

Casalea classic manicure with nail polish

R 270,00

Casalea classic manicure with gel

R 350,00

Casalea luxury manicure includes paraffin wax and gel overlay

R 500,00

Casalea luxury manicure with gel

R 440,00

Glam Pro


Rubber Base reinforcement

R 300,00

Rubber Base Reinforcement with Gel Polish

R 390,00

Gel overlay on natural nails

R 300,00

Combo gel Extensions / sculpture short nails with gel

R 390,00

Combo gel Extensions/ Sculpture Medium nails with
gel polish

R 420,00

Combo Gel extensions / sculpture long with gel

R 540,00



Acrylic overlay

R 420,00

Acrylic new set with tips

R 550,00

Acrylic refill

R 280,00

Acrylic new set overlay with gel

R 500,00

Soak Offs


Gel polish

R 80,00


R 120,00

Rubber base

R 70,00

Nail repair per nail

R 50,00

Add Ons


Nail art - per nail depending on arr

R 20,00

Stones - per nail depending on art

R 40,00

Paraffin Dip

R 250,00

Feet Treatments


Casalea foot ritual 30min soak, exfoliation & massage

R 220,00

Casalea Classic pedicure

R 320,00

Gel overlay on toes

R 280,00

Casalea Classic pedicure with gel

R 450,00

Casalea Signature luxury pedicures


Giardino di rose pedicure

R350 with paint | R450 with gel

Giardino di rose & milk pedicure

R400 with paint | R500 with gel

Lemongrass & chamomile pedicure

R350 with paint | R450 with gel

Lavender & peppermint pedicure

R350 with paint | R450 with gel

Volcanic Lemongrass & Chamomile Luxury pedicure

R500 with paint | R600 with gel

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